Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Angelina’s Replica Emerald Earrings

Look Hot on a Date


Fun and feminine – Are you wearing your floral dress or a sweet girly dress that is just short of flowers? Choose a beaded necklace of pastel colored gemstones. Add a lot of colored gemstones – emeralds, citrines, amethysts, aquamarines, tanzanites etc. Combine the beaded necklace with dainty dangling Angelina replica earrings of pastel colored gemstones.

Pretty and practical – Are you the one who would be most comfortable wearing your jeans with a nice top? Gemstone studs for earrings and a solitaire pendant would be the jewelry for you. Angelina copy

If you are not sure what category your dress would be in – wear gemstone dangling earrings. See if you dress permits a necklace. While your jewelry should not be overdone, it should be striking enough to attract attention to the right places.

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Alejandro said...

Angelina Jolie looks so great wearing those emerald earrings, she is awesome!

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