Saturday, May 29, 2010

Belly Button Rings For Navel Ornamentation

Belly button rings are made from various materials for the fashion and style loving people. These rings are also used for traditional and non traditional purposes. In the last two decades, these rings have become so popular among boys and girls, that manufacturers have started manufacturing Belly Button Rings of various sizes, types, styles and designs, to satisfy ever growing demand of these fashion crazy people. If you look at Internet, you can see numerous sites offering these rings to the buyers or customers. Just click of the mouse of your computer can bring such sites in front of you for your purchases.
Buying of these rings online has also become very easy, as the buyer can select his choice pieces, sitting at the comfort of the home through his PC and pay the money for them as instructed. Once, the money is paid then the online store, ships the purchased merchandise to the doorstep of the buyer at the shortest possible time.
There are various reasons, why these rings are so popular among the men and women. The rings can be hidden easily and maintenance is also relatively easy. They also enhance the beauty of the open navel space and make it possible for the wearer to get appealing looks. These rings also bear an enticing look and are available in innumerable number of attractive designs and styles. The online sites also accumulate wide varieties of these rings, manufactured by the best craftsmen, who are renowned for the craftsmanship and designs. The buyer can enjoy wide selection choice and buys the ring, which suits them best.
Belly Button Rings, which are more popular among the users, includes Traditional Non Dangling, Dangling, Reverse, Spiral and so on. Different people have different tastes and buys accordingly.

Traditional Non-Dangle

  • Traditional Non-Dangle belly rings are mostly made with a curved barbell, also known as banana-bell. They are made from the best available surgical steel and acrylic, and are also less expensive. Some pieces are also decorated with gems, crystals and stones.

  • Dangling belly button rings have features of short chain or long chains that wraps around the waist. These rings are also available in signs, words, holographic pictures, signatures, flags, jewels and so on. Titanium and SG steel are mainly used for their manufacturing but they are also available in acrylic or bioflex.

  • Reverse belly button rings bears the characteristic of dangling and non dangling rings, where gems or decorations extends from top ball. The ring extends in front of navel, instead of dangling below it. The extended portion may contain collection of small gems, bunched together, giving it enticing decorated looks.

  • Spiral Rings are non dangling rings and twisted into the piercing, instead of straight for pushing through. They have acrylic ball at the top and bottom. The navel portion may be ornamented with the jewelry or gem stone.
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